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Lovers of extreme sports are often fond of leaving their exploits recorded for posterity. Because, nowadays, if a person does something and nobody finds out, it's as if he never did it. Either to record a jump from a parachute, a stretch of climbing or a surfing time between giant waves, in the market there are specialized cameras resistant to shock, humidity and pressure. Although many of these devices are made bulletproof, it never hurts to buy a good case to ensure you avoid damage. Among the most sold we find the covers for GoPro, without a doubt the brand that leads the way in terms of sports cameras.

How to choose the case we need for our sports camera?

The covers for sports cameras can be made with different materials, each with its peculiarities. On the one hand, there are the designs made in neoprene, a padded material designed so that the device does not suffer any scratch against blows and external aggressions. There are also rubber models, designed to float on water. Most of the options allow to manipulate the screen of the camera when the cover is set, which is a clear advantage, especially in the tactile models. In addition, they adapt perfectly to helmets, saddles, poles or handles where the sports camera is usually anchored. Another important point to keep in mind is that the case does not obstruct the sound input, since, if so, it is likely that the recordings have noise. For the correct maintenance of a sports camera it is also worth buying a pencil with soft suede to clean the screen.