Air Purifiers

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The air purifier is an appliance that allows air purification from harmful particles and bacteria that can cause the appearance of allergic reactions or breathing difficulties.

On the market you can find various types of purifiers, not only suitable for purifying the environment but also refrigerators, reducing pesticides and bacteria on the surface of food.

How an air purifier works

The purifier sucks the air from the environment in which it is installed and submits it to a particular treatment that allows to separate the oxygen particles from the polluting particles coming into contact with the air.

Depending on the method of operation, the purifiers then suck the air around them, filter it and clean it up through specific technologies, and then put it back into circulation.

How to choose the air purifier

There are two main categories of purifiers, for the home and for the room, depending on which area they are going to purify. There are also various types of air purifiers, different according to the purification principle.

Electrostatic models have a lower cost but release ozone, an often irritating substance; in this case, it is advisable to select a model equipped with fans, so as to suck not only the coarser particles, but also the smoke and dust.

The filter purifiers are able to eliminate most of the harmful particles, but they are more expensive because the filters need to be changed periodically. Other purifiers work by ionization, producing positive ions that stick to the harmful particles and drag them to an opposite charge plate.

On the other hand, activated carbon models do not need electricity to function and perform an excellent protective action against the smallest particles.

In general, it is advisable to take into consideration the size of the environment to be purified, as well as the electrical consumption and maintenance costs involved in each model.