Bathtub Mats

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Nothing is more beautiful than to treat yourself to a pleasant bubble bath after a long day. Your bathroom will become a wellness oasis, where you leave the hectic everyday life behind. A non-slip bath mat helps to prevent accidents. In addition, a bath mat is a great accessory for your bathroom, and the upholstered variants also offer extra comfort.

What is the difference between bathtub mats?

Choose between different bath mats. There are the practical mats as non-slip tray inserts for the bottom of the bathtub. For even more comfort, a bath mat with integrated neck padding ensures. You can also order the neck pads separately to the bath insert. Otherwise, the mats differ in material, color and shape. Discover the varied offer for every taste.

How to choose a bath mat?

- What size should the bath mat have? Select the size according to the bathtub size. There are also special models for baby baths. Would you like to visually enhance your bathroom with the bath mat? You will find a wide range of mats of different designs that will make your bathroom a stylish or fashionable accent.- Want a neck pad for extra comfort? There are bath mats with integrated neck pad. However, you can also order a neck pad individually and combine it with the bath mat of your choice.- Are there any mats for the shower? Yes, of course, your shower can also be equipped with a non-slip mat.