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Blankets and quilts are a fundamental part of the household kit. Classic or sophisticated and fun design can embellish beds and sofas, adapting to the environment of use or creating eye-catching contrasts. Warm and comfortable or fresh and enveloping depending on the yarn, the texture, the weight of the fibers and the fabric, they are the solution to protect your moments of relaxation, as well as furnish your spaces with style.

Models of blankets and tips for use

Plaid plaid with fringes, extra-large microfiber quilt, covered in the shape of a mermaid's tail or with sleeves, the important thing is to meet the solution that best suits your space, your needs and your style. Among the wool or mixed fabric blankets there are also the electric ones with the timer for the coldest periods of the year, while for the milder seasons there are cotton quilts and those in light but resistant batteries to be used outdoors. for picnics.

How to choose the blanket

In addition to style, colors and patterns, other factors must be taken into account. It is important to consider the environment in which the blanket will be used, the type of bed, the pillows and the sheets with which it will be combined. The sober interiors are better matched with classic plaids and woolen blankets, for more modern rooms it is more suited to the casual style of soft fleece; for a sophisticated style you can choose exotic or arabesque patterns while the themed blankets with cartoons or prints are well suited to children's bedrooms.

The variants of fine wool such as cashmere, merino and lambswool are delicate and require special care during washing. The size can be chosen based on the size of the sofa or bed.