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Canapés de cama: style, rest and functionality

Turning your dream into a luxury experience is possible, especially if you bet on the virtues that canapés can offer you, as comfortable as they are practical. A canapé is, basically, an advanced rest solution that, in addition, adds a plus to your mission as an element destined to relax. In effect, the canapés allow you to make the most of your room, both in style and in the order and storage plan. As important as acquiring a good mattress, resistant, durable and suitable for you, is to choose a suitable base to hold it. In the market you find bed bases, upholstered bases and couches, all with their virtues and their handicaps. Lately the trend shows many decisions in favor of the canapé, although it is not the most economical alternative, because it provides comfort and efficiency at the same time.

What are canapés? Are the canapés removable?

A chef would quickly answer that question by saying that they are very appetizing small appetizers, with different ingredients, very comfortable to drink in a cocktail, for example. But in the home, the couch has arrived to take care of the functions that the bed of a lifetime played. Actually, they are a corrected and enlarged edition of that bed with legs and space underneath, where people and characters used to hide.

The pioneers in the world of canapé were, mainly, fixed models, as they are the bases of simple beds of nowadays. However, they already had that frame or upholstered drawer that allowed them to look more elegant than a base with legs, and that allowed them to dress with more charm. Currently, various types of canapés are offered on the market, including articulated, folding models and even sophisticated motorized lift designs. As you can see, the current canapés, without completely disassembling, can be opened and closed. And the best news is that models are made for all tastes and budgets.

How to choose canapés?

- The first point you should look at is the structure of the couch. Its interior should be reinforced, so deformations will be avoided, and its exterior has to be elegant and in keeping with the rest of the furniture in the room. You could opt for designs in steel, in solid woods or in agglomerates, which are usually upholstered with refined fabrics.

- Verify that the sofa you prefer is easy to open and close, a significant condition in the folding canapés. The best ones include a gas piston system or hydraulic opening and, in addition, they are silent and durable. Depending on the distribution of the room, choose a model of lateral or frontal opening.

- Before buying your couch, take the exact measurements of the mattress that will go on it. With regard to the mattress-canapé functional harmony, remember that if you have a latex mattress you should choose a slatted bed model, since they require optimal ventilation. On the other hand, if you have or are going to buy a spring mattress or a foam mattress, the folding canapés with upholstered base are the ideal solution.

- Last but not least, check the security and stability of the furniture. A collapsible couch that is too light may not be a good choice. Look for yours among the solid canapés, with enough weight and with an anti-slip base. This will prevent the mattress from going out when you least expect it. Some canapés also incorporate a clamping rod, designed to prevent any movement while using the interior storage space.