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Drinking enough is important for your health. If you travel a lot, it can easily become a problem. With a handy water bottle, you always have water, tea or juice with you, and you also avoid unnecessary garbage that arises when buying disposable bottles. Even those who do sports regularly know how to appreciate the advantages of a drinking bottle. It fits in any sports bag and can be taken with you even when cycling or jogging.

Water bottles for every requirement

Bottles are not only a helpful, but now also a trendy accessory. This is ensured by a wide variety of materials, colors and designs, which serve not only the look, but also the functionality. Transparent bottles are ideal if you want to keep an eye on the amount of content. Glass is tasteless, easy to clean and free from harmful substances. Ergonomically shaped bottles offer a good grip, so that you can even in the movement - for example, when cycling - to take refreshing water. Stainless steel or aluminum bottles are sturdy and lightweight, and thermal bottles keep your coffee or tea warm for a long time and cold drinks for a long time. Children love a colorful bottle with happy motives - that makes drinking much easier.

Tips for buying the right water bottle

Which bottle fits best for you depends of course on what you want to use it for. A model that you want to take with you on the bike finally meets other requirements than one that is taken to the campsite. Generally, a drinking bottle should be as light as possible, easy to handle, robust and convenient to carry. For aluminum and stainless steel bottles, make sure that BPA (harmful plasticisers) is not used during production and that the closures are free from harmful substances.