Car Engine Radiator Hoses

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The radiator is the main element of a vehicle's cooling system and takes care of maintaining a correct temperature and therefore ensuring proper engine operation.

The radiator is connected to a complex system of fittings and has at the upper and lower ends two connections for the inlet and outlet pipes: from the upper pipe enters the mixture of water and heated antifreeze, which, once cooled, comes out of the lower pipe.

Breakage or simple malfunction of the radiator inlet or outlet pipes can cause the engine to overheat with consequent damage to the vehicle, including the risk of burning the cylinder head gasket.

How to choose the radiator hose

The radiator hoses are made of silicone and other flexible materials suitable to withstand high temperatures and have a high tear resistance.

For DIY repairs and maintenance it is possible to purchase the entire radiator pipe system, compatible with a specific make and model of vehicle. Alternatively, the individual parts of the piping system can also be purchased: inlet and outlet pipes and couplings for each type of engine, for two or four-wheel vehicles.

The replacement of the radiator hoses also involves the replacement of the coolant and is not one of the most complex operations, provided you have some knowledge of engines and mechanics.
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