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The pedals are not only an important accessory for the proper functioning of your vehicle, but, a good maintenance of them, is essential to ensure your safety and that of others when you are on the road. If you have the need to replace your pedals, or simply want to have a spare part to prevent future incidents, you must be very careful when choosing the model, as many different factors come into play.

Why change the pedals of the car?

Generally, the pedals are attached to a bar that is connected to the vehicle, so it is not possible to release the pedals themselves. Even so, the rubber or rubber lining around it as a non-slip protection can wear out over time, being essential to replace it to ensure a good grip of the foot on the pedal when we are driving. Before buying, remember that you must know the measurements of your pedals and make sure they fit well.

How to change the pedals of the car?

This will depend on the model you decide to buy, but the installation usually follows the following steps:

• Take out the rubber bands that you currently have and put the new ones on them to mark, in the new ones, the area where you will have to make the holes.

• Using a drill, mark these holes in your new rubbers on a wooden plank as a support.

• Once done, place the lining on the pedals and screw tightly.

Keep in mind that once you change the protections of your pedals, it may take you a while to get used to the dimensions or thickness of them. Therefore, it is recommended that you take a few driving tests to familiarize yourself before hitting the road.
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