Children's Drawer Handles & Pulls

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The children's room is the space where the creativity of children and the taste of parents can come to life in the shapes and colors of the various furnishing accessories.

From the cot to the rugs, from the desks to the chairs to the toy basket and to the lamps, everything needs to be within reach of children and ideal to make the time spent inside the bedroom relaxing and enjoyable.

Among the accessories that furnish with fun and functionality the bedroom, but also other spaces dedicated to children, the clothes hangers and hangers are definitely an essential tool to fix and order the clothes of the little ones.

How to choose clothes hangers and hangers

Choosing the right children's coat hanger is a matter of taste and function: the dimensions, patterns and type of clothes to hang affect the type of hanger that will furnish the bedroom, the playroom, the bathroom or other rooms.

For the sleeping area dedicated to children, it is advisable to opt for models of wood, steel or resistant plastic hanger, suitable for supporting lighter clothes but also coats and jackets. Prints or shapes inspired by cartoons or fantasy characters and animals will help make the environment cheerful and child-friendly.

For the bathroom, materials such as stainless steel and plastic, in multi-hook or single-hanger versions, help support bathrobes and towels to be placed at the right height to be reached by the little ones without the risk of oxidation due to humidity .

The games room or the room dedicated to games will then be the place where hangers and hangers with pedestals to be placed on the floor or strips to be attached to the wall will furnish every moment of fun with functionality.