Football Nets

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Football is recognized as the most popular sport on the planet: its rules, simple and immediate, are known in practically every corner of the globe.

It is fascinating to discover how these rules were established at the dawn of this sport in the nineteenth century. Initially the door was an imaginary line of variable width bounded by two poles between which to pass the ball. Only later was added a third pole, the crosspiece, to mark the height. But there was still a problem: sometimes when the balloon was darting near one of these poles, for reasons of perspective, it was difficult to understand which way it had passed. For this reason the net was invented: when the ball shook it by hitting it, it was an unequivocal sign that it had entered the door. Not for nothing the word "network" has become synonymous with "goal".

How to choose the soccer net

The soccer nets, generally made of nylon or other synthetic materials, are of different sizes depending on the door on which they are to be mounted. In fact there are several disciplines related to football, whose doors are of different sizes. The largest are the 11-point football gates, over 7 meters wide and about 2.5 meters high; the smallest are those from soccer to 5, 3 meters wide and 2 high. There are also intermediate variations, such as the 7 or 8 football goal.

The meshes can be hexagonal or square and no wider than 12 cm, to avoid passing the ball, while the wire has a diameter between 3 and 4 mm. The nets must be secured to the appropriate hooks on the door poles. Before a competition, the correct coupling is carefully controlled by the referees, who also check for any holes.

Finally there are micro meter networks with a frame that can be used as small doors for impromptu games in the park.