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Fullface and BMX helmets: protection for daredevils

BMX and freeride are fun and breathtaking. It should not be forgotten that these spectacular sports pose a relatively high risk. That is why the right equipment is of great importance - that, incidentally, it is also allowed to convince visually, is a matter of course. For fast descents and dangerous stunts, a BMX helmet is an absolute must.

How is a BMX helmet different from other helmets?

Due to the high demands that BMX helmets have to meet, they are manufactured to continue to perform their protective function in the event of a hard impact and after several impacts. BMX helmets basically consist of a hard plastic shell with an interior made of foam, which feels pleasant and ensures that the helmet fits perfectly. On Fullface models, a built-in chin guard provides extra protection on particularly risky downhill trails.

How to choose a suitable BMX helmet?

- Where is driving? Those who like to go on strenuous bike rides to occasionally scout mountainous terrain are well served by a classic BMX helmet. Thanks to its deep flanks and longer neck, this helmet offers excellent protection and comfort. When downhill driving a full-face helmet is in demand, because as its name implies, it protects the entire face.

- What about size and comfort? So that a BMX helmet can develop its entire protection potential, it must sit perfectly - it is therefore extremely important that you choose the correct size! Because of their compact construction, most BMX helmets leave much to be desired in terms of ventilation - in the case of full-face helmets, this problem is partially solved by vents.
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