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Golf is a very popular hobby. It takes rest, concentration and accuracy to play the ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible and in accordance with the rules. The right technology leads to small and big successes.

Anyone who takes this sport seriously will sooner or later deal with the right equipment. Besides choosing the right golf ball, the right golf club is an immensely important part of a successful game.

What types of golf clubs there are, what they are used for and how they keep their clubs in good condition for a long time, you can read in this article.

The construction of a golf club

A golf club consists of three main components: the head, the shaft and the handle. The connecting piece from club head to shank is called Hosel. Engraved on the club head is the number that designates the size of the bat. Sticks like the woods and the irons (see explanation in the next paragraph) are also provided with grooves ("grooves"), which should increase the rotational speed and get better ball contact.

Types of golf clubs

In a game you can take up to 14 golf clubs. From this you can already see that there is a relatively large selection that can be very confusing, especially for beginners. Information about the most important clubs can be read here.

• The driver

He is the longest and most difficult, but also the lightest from the weight racket. With it, the longest distances can be bridged. The driver is always with a tee, so a tee, played, which is why he is only suitable for the tee.

• The woods

Although they are very similar to the driver and are also suitable for longer distances, they are slightly smaller and can be played without tea. They are therefore more likely to be used at the fairway. Very popular are the sizes 3 to 7, which refer to the size of the club head: the lower the number, the larger the club head. These clubs were given their name in earlier times, in which the club heads were made of wood.

• The iron

Here you can find characteristics between 2 and 9. The irons are suitable for medium distances. The shaft is longer.

• The hybrid racquets

Here you will find a combination of woods and iron. They are also called "Rescue" and are often used on the fairway or the semi-rough. An advantage here is the high accuracy, but they are not used as often as other clubs.

• The wedges

One differentiates between pitching wedge, sand wedge, gap wedge and lobe wedge. They are suitable for short strokes around the green, so under 100 meters, or for difficult situations. They resemble the iron bats; Her head, however, is rather balloon-shaped. Pitching wedges are often used for approach shots on the green or from a bunker, sand wedges rather for near-field beats outside the bunker. A gap wedge ("gap" means "gap") should then close the gaps between pitching and sand. Lob wedges are suitable for short but high strokes.

• The putter

Last but not least, there are perhaps the most important of the golf clubs: the putter. He is the highest precision and is used for the targeted course of the golf ball.

The right cleaning

If you want to enjoy your golf clubs for a long time, you should clean them regularly. To cleanse your head, lukewarm water and a few drops of detergent are often sufficient. The grooves should be cleaned with a brush of sand and dirt. Even more important is the cleaning of the handle, because only a non-slip, clean handle allows a solid blow. Professionals change the grip of their racquet several times a year, for amateurs and recreational golfers, a change every two to three years.
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