Hand Mixers

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The electric hand mixer, also called the electric whip, usually consists of a handle block and two ejector blades. Pleasant to use, this small appliance is designed to make your life easier when you're behind the stove.

Electric mixer or pastry robot?

Cheaper than a stand mixer, the electric mixer is ideal for infrequent and quick mixes, such as making cake dough, kneading pizza dough or whipping egg whites. Lightweight and comfortable to use, this unit is easy to store and clean. As an integral part of the everyday life of millions of French people, the pastry robot saves time and effort. Relatively bulky on the worktop, it is ideal for difficult kneading tasks.

How to choose your hand mixer?

- Prefer a hand mixer with the "pulse" function for uncompromising efficiency.

- Consider the number of speeds if you need to make delicate preparations. It should be noted that powerful models generally offer more speed levels.

- Bet on an electric mixer with a power of 200 W if you intend it for a basic use. Prefer a model with a minimum power of 750 W for more elaborate preparations.