Motorbike Foot Rests

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Footpegs - important accessories for mopeds and motorcycles

The footrest is an accessory for two-wheelers. You have a choice of different models that you can customize in color to the design of your machine. The rubber of many footpegs has a slightly curved shape. During the ride, the feet get a lot of support, which increases the safety of the driver and front passenger.

When buying the motorcycle, the footrests are installed on the frame. They can, however, be exchanged. Before deciding on an exchange, you should check whether the footrest you want matches your machine. It should be of such a size that you can drive safely even with wide leather motorcycle boots.

What are footpegs?

Footpegs are attachments that you will find on many mopeds and motorcycles. They are used to store the feet while driving and are attached to the machine in pairs. Not all two-wheelers are equipped with footrests. Classic scooters have no footpegs. They are equipped with a wide shelf for the feet, which benefits in any case the driver. Depending on the model, the pillion places its feet on the footpegs. On some scooters, the footrest is so long that it is intended for the driver and the passenger.

The footpegs must be firmly connected to the frame of the machine. This is especially important when installing new footpegs. Although they are not part of the safety-related parts of the bicycle, they can be a security risk if installed incorrectly or if a defect occurs.

The footrest is covered with a rubber, so that the feet can not slip even in damp weather. When not in use, they are folded upwards. This looks visually appealing on the machine and is very handy especially for mopeds that need to be kicked. The passenger's footpeg often gets in the way of the Kickstarter. If it is folded up, it will work much better.

How to choose matching footpegs

- Are footpegs universally suitable for all two-wheelers? No. There are universally suitable models from different manufacturers. Before you buy, you should still check whether the installation of your two-wheeler without restrictions is possible. Pay particular attention to the size of the footrest. Big and heavy motorcycles need larger models than a small moped. Many manufacturers offer the footrest only for certain motorcycles. In this case, the technical specifications are accompanied by a list. If your machine is listed, you can mount this footrest without hesitation.

- What should be considered when growing? The attachment material is included in the scope of delivery of the footrest and therefore also suitable. However, the type of anchorage may differ for individual models. Therefore, it is best to check before ordering whether the attachment to your machine is possible.

- Are footrests allowed to be changed easily? The replacement of the footpeg requires no approval. If you want to change the attachment, you do not need to present your machine to TÜV. However, for your own safety you should make sure that the dismantling is professional and that the footrest is firmly anchored in the frame.

- How are the footpegs delivered? Each footrest is delivered as a whole part. The package also includes the material for cultivation. Delivery is always in pairs. It is recommended to replace the footrest in pairs. This also dictates the TÜV.