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More than a bicycle, mountain biking can be considered a lifestyle. In fact, it combines a sport like cycling with the experience of outdoor excursions.

Unlike the bike, mountain bikes are designed to go on unpaved roads and therefore on more uneven and uneven ground. They are also characterized by the presence of the gear that regulates the pedaling and thus facilitates the uphill and downhill paths.

Mountain bike models

The world of mountain biking is very varied. A first distinction can be made regarding the presence or absence of suspensions for the two wheels. The mountain bikes can be of the front suspended type, that is equipped with front suspension to the front wheel, full suspended, that is with front and rear suspension, or rigid, ie completely devoid of shock absorbers.

The differences between the various models are mainly linked to the activity that you want to play with the mountain bike:

● Trail: it is the basic model and also the cheapest one. The strength is the versatility, being a mountain bike is suitable for excursions on dirt roads but also for long rides on the asphalt. It is a comfortable and relatively light frame bike, suitable for everyday use. This model is not intended for use in a competitive discipline and is ideal for those who decide to approach the world of mountain biking.

● All mountain bikes are suitable for long trips on the most varied terrain, have a comfortable frame and are heavier than trail bikes. They are still part of the field of recreational bikes, so it is possible to start from a medium-low price range.

● Cross country: with this model there is a jump in performance; It has a rather heavy frame because it is designed for cross country, a discipline in which more laps of short routes made of climbs and descents are made. It is generally front suspended and many models are also suitable for non-professionals who enjoy outdoor physical activities.

● Enduro: this is a model addressed to professional sports that has good uphill and downhill performance and is generally full suspended. It is not a bike suitable for driving in the city and is not very suitable for beginners, because it may be difficult to drive.

● Downhill: designed for downhill competitions, ie all downhill. It has a light frame but is designed to offer maximum performance downhill, so it is not suitable for those who want to travel even long stretches uphill.

● Electric mountain bike: also called an assisted pedal, it represents the innovative frontier of mountain bikes. They are sophisticated and therefore very expensive specimens, designed to experience the most extreme mountain biking experiences without being subjected to aggressive pedaling.

How to choose mountain bikes

To choose the right mountain bike, keep in mind the available budget, the activity you intend to practice and also your own experience as a cyclist. Some starting models offer not only good value for money, but also good driveability in the city. The professional models are instead addressed to cyclists and to anyone who wants to take a leap in quality and experience mountain biking as a sport.

Mountain bike components, such as tires, wheels, handlebars, pedals, saddle can also be replaced, to change the style of your bike and gradually prepare it for new experiences.

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