Oil Filled Radiators

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With the first cold of autumn, we began to remember the heating and, during the winter, we can practically not live without it. That is why it is worthwhile to inform us about the most suitable type of heating for our home, always in relation to the use we are going to give it.

Why buy an oil radiator?

If what we want is some extra heat at some point in the house, oil radiators are a very economical and easy to use option. They do not need installation, they work just by plugging them into a socket and they are easily transportable thanks to their built-in wheels. They are recommended for specific uses, since if they are used as a single heating system they could generate a high electrical consumption in the long run.


These radiators work heating up some resistances that, in turn, will give heat to the fluid or oil inside it. They have a thermostat that shuts off when the desired temperature is reached and, thanks to the liquid, they continue to heat even when turned off. It is also for this reason that they take so long to warm up, although some have a turbo option that greatly improves this aspect.

You must decide the power depending on the square meters you need to heat, approximately 100W per square meter, and up to a maximum of 25m. In general, these radiators are more suitable for small rooms. However, many models include programming options to turn on or off at a specific time, so you can heat the room well in advance.

In addition, they are very quiet, do not generate waste or dry the environment, so they are ideal for giving extra heat in the bedrooms. They are the most economical heaters, being able to find oil radiators at really low prices.