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No need to wait for winter to think about how to heat your house. Whether you are looking for a main heating system or a booster system, thermal emitters are a highly recommended option due to their high efficiency and easy installation. They are fixed electric heaters whose plates heat the air of the room by radiation, with a clean heat that does not dry out the environment. Also, its external material is usually iron or aluminum.

What are the advantages of a thermal emitter?

They can be installed independently in any room of the house, including the bathroom, so you can choose the most suitable type of thermal emitter for each room. The installation is done by anchoring the device to the wall with a few simple screws and connecting it to a socket.

They are programmable and with a lower energy consumption than other electric heating systems thanks to their thermal inertia. You must measure the power you need according to the square meters to be heated and the insulation, being necessary more than one radiator from 15 meters.

Types of thermal emitters

• Fluid thermal emitter: The heat circulates in a thermo carrier liquid (glycol or oil). It takes longer to warm up, but its thermal inertia is quite long. They are suitable for a continuous use of between 5 and 8 hours a day, and can be used as a single heating system.

• Dry: They have internal panels, usually mica, that heat up quickly and keep the heat for about an hour. Ideal for small rooms that you need to heat quickly and for a short time, such as bathrooms.

• Ceramic: Their ceramic plates keep the heat for much longer, but they also take longer to reach the maximum temperature. Perfect for a use of more than 8 hours a day.