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Babies learn by playing, and the best place for them to do so safely is the playground. Thanks to this essential accessory, your baby can play at home in a controlled space and can develop their mobility, one of the priorities during the first months of growth. A playground is the best ally of parents, because it ensures that the baby is entertained playing comfortably and freely, without any kind of danger.

Tips for buying a baby park

When your baby begins to grow older, you need to enjoy your new arrival autonomy and freedom. During this period, the playground becomes a space of great importance for its development and for your peace of mind. Choosing well when buying it is very important, since this space will accompany your baby during many hours of entertainment throughout its growth stage.

In the market you can find multiple parks for babies with very different characteristics. Here are some of the factors that must be taken into account before making a purchase decision:

• Material of manufacture: keep in mind that the resistance, firmness and stability of the park depend on the manufacturing material. In addition, it is extremely important to verify that the materials of which the park is composed are not toxic.

• Safety regulations: check if the park complies with current safety regulations and if it is approved. Any playground must comply with European safety regulations EN 12227: 2010.

• Size: larger models offer greater comfort for the baby and also allow you to enter inside. However, keep in mind the dimensions of the space in which you intend to place it to ensure that the measures fit and there are no unexpected surprises.

• Mobility and separation accessories: the parks can be equipped with wheels. If they do, they must have mechanisms to block them. They can also have separation mechanisms to divide the park into different spaces.

Accessories to complement the game parquet

The park is the space in which your baby can express himself with total freedom. It is a place where you can play, sleep and rest. For you to do so, the park can be complemented with multiple accessories or toys.

One of the accessories that you can place is a mattress. There are many materials and designs are the most fun and varied. Another option is to complement the park with a gym for babies. This accessory stimulates the baby's coordination, since it encourages him to try to touch a series of objects that he has within reach of his hand. While in the park, the baby can also have his favorite drag toy or that stuffed toy of different textures that never separates.

These are just some suggestions that can make the playground become your baby's favorite place. However, the options are endless and the wide range of games and toys suitable for all ages is endless. You can check it by taking a look at our section of baby toys. In it you will find from toys that stimulate the development of skills to toys with sounds of the most fun.

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