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You only really appreciate the importance of bedding when you reach a certain age. Not in vain, it is one of the favorite gifts for grandmothers when Christmas or birthdays arrive. That, and the pajamas. Buying good quality sheets can mean buying a product that will last a lifetime. For this, it is essential to be familiar with the varieties of bedding that can be found in the market, and the specific properties of each type.

Materials for sheet sets and pillow cases

• Cotton: It is the most widespread material among manufacturers of sheets and pillow cases. The highest quality is Egyptian cotton, very fine and expensive and from crops near the Nile River. Pima cotton also has many admirers for the pure nature of its composition, and is grown in the United States and Latin America. Finally, the most popular variety in recent years is organic cotton, which is planted without pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or any other type of harmful chemical. This makes it the ideal element to be in contact with the most delicate skins.

• Polyester: It is the most common material within the synthetic components. Although they have less softness and durability than cotton models, the advantages are that they conserve heat better and wrinkle less easily, so much so that in many cases it is not necessary to iron them after washing.

• Combined fibers: Fusion cotton and polyester. Depending on the proportion of both materials, its softness and thermal capacity will vary. Models that combine these elements properly gain perspiration and freshness. The sets of sheets that are fifty percent cotton and fifty percent polyester are ideal for summer.

• Bamboo: The bamboo fabric is a natural thermal regulator, so they will keep the body temperature at optimal levels in both summer and winter. In addition, it is a hypo allergenic material, so it is indicated for people suffering from allergies or respiratory problems. Bamboo sheets are also antibacterial.

How to take care of the bedding?

While each piece has a label that specifies the care they need to keep in optimal conditions for as long as possible, there are a series of common actions that will make the bedding remains in perfect condition for longer . The more neutral the soap is, the better, since that way the color of the garment will not be altered. For the cotton ones it is advisable to use warm water, just as it is not necessary to use softeners. At the time of laying the sheets, it is advisable not to put them in a place where they are directly exposed to the sun, which acts as a natural bleach.

How often is it advisable to change the sheets?

Clothing can accumulate countless mites, dead skin and bacteria. In short, dirt. According to Dr. Philip Tierno Jr., a professor at the University of New York, the sheets and pillowcases should be changed at least once a week. Several studies carried out in the United Kingdom support this theory, as do investigations by the Pasteur Institute in France.