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A shower hose directs the water from the fitting into the hand shower. It is made of metal or a very elastic rubber. The length can vary, allowing you to customize the hose for your personal bathroom, kitchen or toilet installation. Shower hoses are provided with a standardized connection. If the hose on your valve is defective, this is no reason to buy an expensive new fitting. Simply replace the shower hose with a new model and continue using your old fitting.

Which shower hose is suitable for a bath mixer?

The shower head of a bath mixer can be connected to a standard shower hose, as the terminations are universally suitable. As material, you should choose metal, as the hose is sunk in the tub rim. A hose made of rubber could rub off on the edge and break very quickly.

How to choose a suitable shower hose?

- What material should the shower hose be made of? A shower hose made of metal consists of individual links, which are coated with stainless steel and look visually appealing. Under the links is the rubber tube. The individual links are arranged so that the hose flexes flexibly. The underlying rubber is well protected. These hoses are available, for example, in silver and gold colors. If you do not care about the look and you do not want to spend so much money, you can opt for a rubber model. These models do not look so high quality, but are just as functional.
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