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The flashlight is one of those objects that, in spite of not being of daily use, can get you out of a good hurry, so it is convenient that you have one at hand at home, in the car or in your office. It is a small object, easy to store and transport that will ensure the amount of light you need in each situation.

What flashlight to buy?

When buying your flashlight you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

• Power: The power of the flashlights is measured in lumens, the higher the number of these, the more light will be emitted. There are lanterns of very different powers, but for domestic use those of between 200 and 500 lumens will suffice. For a more professional use you can serve flashlights from 400 lumens onwards, depending on the amount of light required by the job.

• Materials: You can find hardened plastic and aluminum alloy flashlights. Both materials are strong, resistant and light, so any of the two choices is good, although aluminum tend to have better finishes.

• Size: The smaller and brighter, the better. The power no longer depends on a large number of batteries, as was the case before, so you can buy models that emit a lot of light with small sizes. Both for domestic and professional use, the ideal is that the flashlight is small and manageable.

• Modes: These are the degrees of intensity of the flashlight, for more or less powerful light beams that reach a greater or lesser distance. In addition, some models include modes that can concentrate more light, to illuminate concrete objects, and that scatter light to cover wider areas or the strobe mode for emergency situations.

• Water resistant: For greater versatility, it is recommended that you opt for a waterproof flashlight. Some models can even be submerged several meters.

• Food: You can choose those that use traditional batteries or flashlights that use lithium batteries. The latter have a slightly higher price, but offer a longer life and you can easily recharge them. Also, you can find some models that use solar energy.

What flashlight is better?

LED technology has revolutionized the lighting sector, and flashlights are no exception. The LED flashlight has greatly improved the performance of its predecessors, both in consumption and power and concentration of the light beam, which translates into lighter tools, versatile, that heat less and whose cost, in addition, is not high.

Types of lanterns

Depending on the use, you can find the following types of flashlights:

• Hand: With a handle to hold it and the light bulb at one end. It is the most usual flashlight and the ideal one to have at home.

• Working: With a hook and larger light emitting surface, designed to illuminate dark spaces with your hands free while you work.

• Frontal: It is placed on the forehead and fixed to the head with a ribbon, which will allow you to light up with your hands free.

• Multifunction: It is the Swiss Army knife of the lanterns. In addition to light, incorporates other elements such as safety hammer, compass, charger, a small blade and other components that can be very useful in case of emergency.

• Camping: Lanterns with a wide base and emitting light in the central part, similar to the old oil lamps, designed to be placed on the surface of a table or on the floor and to illuminate as a portable lamp.
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