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The thermometers for cars and motorbikes allow to detect the internal and external temperature reached during travel or when stationary, based on various factors such as weather conditions and engine overheating.

The different vehicle thermometer models vary according to the vehicle model and can be equipped with accessories and additional indications such as date and time or volt detection.

How to choose thermometers for cars and motorcycles

The car thermometers are available in models to be applied to the cigarette lighter, to the windscreen or to the air intakes and conditioners inside the vehicle. In a backlit digital version, they use the energy of the car's electrical system or are powered by battery and solar energy, equipped with comfortable suction cups that can also be attached to windows.

The auto thermometers record internal and external temperature or both at the same time, providing useful information on the possible overheating of the engine and on the accessibility of the interiors, signaling risks and dangers connected to rigid or too high temperatures through appropriate alarms. Some models are also sold in sets including hygrometer, clock and thermometer.

Motorcycle thermometers, in analogue models equipped with a lancet or digital with additional functions, are useful to record the engine temperature by using a probe placed at the end of a wire connected to the body of the thermometer.

Motorcycle thermometers are available for application on the tank or simply for storage after use. Thermometers (or pressure gauges) that measure the oil temperature are useful to identify possible faults and dangerous situations.

The digital laser thermometer instead uses infrared technology to record information about the temperature and can be used as a thermometer for motorcycles, cars but also for different objects to be tested. The backlit LCD screen and the ergonomic pistol shapes also facilitate a simple and immediate use of the device.