Volleyball Nets

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Together with the ball, the volleyball net is the basic tool of one of the most practiced team sports on the planet. Without a network, practicing this sport would be impossible.

Unlike many other games, volleyball, or volleyball, has a recognized inventor: the American physical education teacher William Morgan, who codified the first rules in 1895. Among the major team sports, volleyball stands out for its characteristic of being completely no contact: the players in fact never come into physical contact. The game has spread rapidly throughout the world, both men and women, along with its two basic tools: the ball and the net.

How to choose the volleyball net

The first fact to consider when buying a volleyball net is the place where it will be installed, that is, whether outdoors or indoors, and the type of races in which it will be used.

The network used in fact in official indoor competitions has standard measures: it must be between 9.5 and 10 meters long, and 1 meter wide, with white PVC bands on all four sides and steel rings and cables to be held in tension. Usually the supports to which to tie it are already present in the field and the height to which it is raised changes depending on the sex and the age of the player.

However, there are less professional models that are sold with support structures, light, resistant and easily transportable. These networks can be placed in a garden or on the beach, to improvise games with friends. Their height is variable, which makes them particularly versatile: not only can they be kept at child's height, but they can also be used for other sports where the network is planned, such as tennis, badmington, beach-volley and football-tennis. .

There are also models from the inflatable base that can be taken to the pool to play in the water.